South Shore Trading Company Limited

Specializing in Wild Canadian Eels

Canada's Leading Eel Exporter since 1984:

Since 1984, South Shore Trading Company (SSTC) has been Canada's leading distributor and exporter of fresh water eels. From its headquarters in Southeastern New Brunswick, the company acquires eels directly from fishermen throughout Canada's pristine Atlantic coast, for shipment to markets worldwide.

Live Eel Specialists:

SSTC buys live eels only, and then transports them in specialized tank trucks to its facility in Southeastern New Brunswick, which is fed by three deep, pure-water wells. By shipping eels live, SSTC is able to provide product of the highest quality and assured freshness.

We offer eels in the following form:

SSTC's plant is federally registered with the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA). SSTC operates under a CFIA-monitored, HACCP-based Product Control Plan and is approved to export goods to the United States, European Union, Asia and other international markets.

Ordering Eel:

Eel, like all seafood, has a fluctuating price structure and availability. Contact the company for up-to-date prices and inventory information. A prompt reply is assured.



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